7 September 2009

Another quickie (kutti quickie)

Small pleasures in life are very enjoyable. Some happen in train –  like

  • Little kids smiling at me (especially when I play hide and seek with them)
  • Or a granny who acknowledges my gesture when I make more room for her to her comfort and finally she smiles and waves while getting out of the train…
  • Or even the sweet girl from the other side of the aisle who smiles when she catches me ogling! :p
  • It is also great how I still manage to confuse drivers at Zebra crossings. All wait and look at each other before I realise, I shall go first! :D

Life is beautiful, amazing, wonderful. Gained years’ experience, but feels much younger during the past few weeks! :)

Signing off, Sands.

Notices: Next post is mostly a book(s) review post; Finally I am writing again in my almost-abandoned-German-blog.

PS: I am being too frequent lately. Depression made me more creative. maybe? :)

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