6 September 2009

Tongue of Slip; and first vegetarian fight! :)

I am in a good mood. The past week had been good in terms of things happened around me. Even inside me, the broken heart is mostly nursed back to a decent state, if not the bestestest shape.

To start with: I passed the German proficiency test – with good grades. I cannot say with flying colours. But for the less than 20 hours of effort I’d put in, it is damn good. My friend who prepared for two months was jealous because I scored better! ;)IMG_4620

I had some catching up with friends to do, and I did exactly that. Celebrated Onam with some of them; Went/Partied with some other; Made a trip with some other to Austria. 

To the real thing: On Thursday, I had my first argument/explanation about vegetarianism. I hadn’t wanted to argue, but I did it just fine.

Yesterday, D asked me to explain my philosophy to her. She’s considering to become a vegetarian. She wants to know whether I have any compelling reason to offer. I might get my first ‘victim’ soon! ;)

Slip of tongue? Well, I’d call it a mistake. (The real slip of tongue is too much to write here :P )

065It so happened that, yesterday, I was in a pub with 4 ladies.

For me, the waitress there looked as though she was from Philippines. I even mentioned this to one of the birds with me.

The conversation was going just fine. But when the waitress came, I asked her where she came from.

“Singapore” - I was happy that my guess was not too bad/far-from-reality. 

But one of the birds around me screamed - “He’s sitting with 4 mädels and he asks where the waitress is from”. A smart fellow would have kept the question for later! ;) :P

I was NOT hitting on her. I was just wanting to know whether my ‘origin-locating-skills’ were in tact. (well, the waitress was a REAL hot one though ;) )

Signing off, Sands.

PS: mädels  means girls (local language).


Bindhu Unny said...

Nice to hear the broken heart has managed to become one piece again.
What was the compelling reason you offered to your friend and soon-to-be-victim?

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Well, I haven't given the compelling reason yet. Our discussion is yet to happen.

Hailstone said...

Where is kutti quickie?
Good template.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear about the heart mending thing.

BTW, the new blog template looks cool. But the "about me" points back to the blog itself. Is it intentional?


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


it is there.


And it is not intentional.. i have to sit and edit the template! (lazy/busy)

Anonymous said...

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