18 September 2009

Arm Chair Journalism? (Indian news)

If one looks at the Twitter page of Mr. Tharoor, it would be very clear how difficult is news-reporting in this age – IBN Report. Simple copy-paste of tweets and using some words to cement them together?

Is this what you call arm-chair-journalism? or Cafe-square-journalism – sitting in an internet cafe, sipping a coffee and reporting? (on second thought, I feel a cigarette would be better instead of coffee in a journalist’s picture)

Oh, no! I am not against any of these. Just wondering whether the cost is clear   enough for a lazy fellow like me to start news-reporting. (I had seen all the tweets last night… well before the report. My bad, I didn’t send an article to IBN).

Signing off, Sands.

PS: “ST tweets sorry” would have been better than “ST says sorry”. :)

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