14 September 2009

Books, 250, Abbey Road (studios).

To start with, a few words about : (a) The Reluctant Fundamentalist, (b) Juliet, Naked.

reluctantI wouldn’t go into the details of authors or other trivia. I don’t even consider myself as a great reviewer. To do justice to the first book, I’d say that I very much liked the style of narration. I really appreciated the ideological transition of a man, which is well captured. 

At least it changed my prejudices against the books about Muslim world (of course it matched some of my prejudices about the content. But it was by no means boring). Would I recommend it? YES!

The other book, by Nick Hornby, was good. But it didn’t meet my expectations (who the hell am I to set expectations?). It was less witty than High Fidelity (the author’s first book), but with some repeating elements from it.  Of course there were moments when I simply laughed out loud and moments when I fell silent (thinking).

If I don’t consider the less witty part, it was fine. Would I recommend? Maybe.

c250 Now, do you know that this is the 250-th post in this blog? Long ago, when I started, I wouldn’t have imagined anything like this (am I a man without a vision? ;) Someone even said that I am short-sighted :p).

There are still a couple of people regularly reading – even when I have stopped visiting many blogs. Lovely! :) Thanks guys.

beatles_abbey-road Topic Change: A few weeks/months ago I wrote about my new addiction (Beatles). I recently watched a documentary about them – BBC is doing a lot of stuff about Beatles (off late) – just superb! And I am more into Beatles now. :p

I had wanted to write a lot about Beatles and some of my favourites (Yesterday, Love me do, Yellow Submarine, Something in the way she, You say yes, and so on and on). But ran out of time and sizelimit of a post.

Well, talking about High Fidelity and music tracks is something of a coincidence. You’d understand it if you have read the book. May be it is a call to make lists like : my “Top 5 posts”, “Top 5 music tracks”, and so on. ;)

I can even start a top-five-tag in blogger. Can I not?

Signing off,



Sakeeb said...

new blog layout looks really nice.. i usually read ur posts from google reader.. but this time visited you blog.. so changed it long back.. i didnt like ur old read layout at all :P

Anonymous said...

Great, congrats on the 250th post!


Anonymous said...


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