15 January 2010

Google and Tiananmen Square

I asked my Chinese apartment mate's opinion on the present Google vs. china issue. The conversation became interesting and we soon moved to Chinese communist government, people's freedom and related things.

Guess what? – that girl hadn’t even heard about Tiananmen square protest! Didn’t even know that something like that ever happened. So much for the freedom of press in China. Not that we thought it was a paradise on earth.

The Johanna joined us and fuelled the talk about communism (Poland and communism go well together, right?)

Almost 3-4 hours of nice discussion(s) about so many things – all in German. Until the new fellow from Greece joined us (he can’t speak German yet) and we started speaking about German (in English).

I am in love with the situation at my shared-apartment. Five multinational, multicultural, multilingual, multi-faculty (department@uni) people living in harmony. All are more or less equally clean/dirty and not so strict about roles/rules - life is easy that way.

Anyway, I was planning to make a picture post. And here it is. All the photos are from my nocturnal walk from Friday night. I was in good company – my own – I enjoy being in my own company, to let my thoughts wander, and nobody to bug me! :P

08012010107Lovely piece of cake from Coffee Fellows!

08012010110My golden pen and moleskine book – always in my pocket – for recording random thoughts! :P

08012010112Snow on chairs… Midnight @ Munich centre.

08012010114Decoration @ Coffee Fellows.

And the next picture is from this evening: I came home and saw this notice.

14012010118 Do you see that? German, English and Chinese! CHINESE! The Chinese population is quite big here and they have it on the notice. Pretty good! (Request: Please do read the English text )

Good night and signing off, Sands.


Smita said...

lol @ egoistic behavior!!!

That piece of cake looks drop dread yummy!!!

Ashwathy said...

I remember the literal word by word translation I read on a notice stuck on my room door in a hotel in Switzerland (Geneva)... and it was something to this effect! :D

Diya said...

interesting.. :)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...



Indeed. It was very tasty.


Yes, some translations are simply great :P

and of course, welcome to my blog.


Thanks for dropping by.
Thanks for the comment too.