8 January 2010


I am angry.

I went to the doctor to remove the stitches/thread. The doctor’s assistant did the job so pathetically that there are still a few pieces of that plastic thread inside my body – which can be neither seen nor removed easily.

That stupid lady started doing it wrong and I told her this is not the way to go. She ignored me and continued. There were 6 different places where I had stitches. In the first five, she did only one – JUST ONE – the way it had to be done. All the rest, there is some half-one centimetre plastic thing in my body (forever?).

When it came to the last one – which is TWO INCHES (5cm) long thread, I realised she’s going beyond the limits of stupidity. I forcefully stopped her and asked for someone who knows the stuff.

This stupid arrogant lady was sure that she needed to cut the end of the thread… doesn’t she know that a cut is stitched not only at the ends, but also where the cut is? The thread is all inside… you don’t see that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

The doctor came and pulled the two inch thread easily. And guess what, the assistant didn’t even show a bit of “oops, I am sorry” feeling. She still hung on to the “I know it all” attitude.

Only because the doctor is a nice one, I didn’t shout (after all, what good is shouting?). Doctor looked into the wrongly-treated-cuts and said “I cannot do anything right now. But when(if) it starts to hurt, please come back”.

The turning to the assistant she said – “I’ll have to show you now how it is done.”

A small thread won’t kill me, I know. But I am wondering – how many patients would have had such ordeal with such stupid assistants?

I happen to be a quite healthy person. Except for accidents, I never went to a doctor in past 3+ years. But I know enough of the German health care system (personally and through friends). And German healthcare system simply sucks – for the simplest reason that many of them don’t know what they are doing!

I can’t imagine the plight of not so healthy people in this country, who have to depend on this system often.

Today’s incident was just another silly incident in the list of stupidities I’ve seen – and triggered this rant. I shall not let this spoil my day. I think of making a big issue of this whole thing. People in healthcare shall not be assholes. They should know what they are doing.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Probably the post wasn’t very coherent after all. I don’t bother to sit and edit to make it more coherent.


Anonymous said...


Can't believe such things happen in a European country!

Hope it wont cause any problem..


Smita said...

It is a totally coherent post & u r making sense!!! You shouldn't have the let go!!! I mean as you said in your case it wasn't a big deal but there might be some serious mistakes that she might make in future if not taught now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do make sure that you do not have a pair of scissors in your leg. ;). These Germans you know, can do only engineering.