27 January 2010

Winter; The other anthem.

I am loving it. It seems that my body also has accepted the winter. So far, there had been only one day on which I thought “hey, it is cold today”.My Hat

And to make it even better, I never really caught even a cold. Neither did I have stiff neck – which used to happen a lot nor did I have slight headaches.

Lately, I am walking a lot at night – more than usual.The Irish One Walking in the snow-covered sleeping city on a cold winter night is very enjoyable. 

All you need is some decent warm clothing and a wonderful state of mind to enjoy the walk. My black mantel, red shawl(left), woodland shoes and on top of all my cowboy hat (above) – we make a good team. :)

Even though I prefer walking alone, it is sometimes good to have someone by your side. You can claim that the city is yours. If it is a lovely she with you, you could even claim the city for yourself and offer half of your kingdom to her. She’s bound to like it when treated like a princess. :P

Topic Change: Your tune and my tune join to make OUR tune. (Remade)

Perhaps there is only one song which has its lyrics in 14 languages. And that is possible only in India. With her diversity in languages and culture and stupid caste systems etc, India need(ed) some national integration effort.

The song which was made for the same is the very Mile Sur Mera Tumhara which every Indian of our age knows. Even now, it gives me goosebumps when it reaches its climax (despite my non-patriotism : Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam).

And now they have remade it:

The Other Anthem

~The Original One~
~~NEW: Part One~~
~~NEW: Part Two~~

Some of my observations/questions:

  • No woman from Kerala? (are mallu guys really chauvinists? Even the old one didn’t have any Kerala women)
  • The skiing bit – I liked it
  • Muscle flexing Salman – pathetic
  • Old one’s theme was pride and unity. In the new one, it is more about “We are strong”. (the next version will have the theme arrogance, for sure)
  • I was afraid that they left SRK out, until he appears at the end with Swadesh style.
  • Less cricketers than expected?
  • Too many instruments – doesn’t it make it less sing-able by us? - Toms, Dicks and Harrys (or Tamannas, Dagnis and Harinis?)
  • Too long? who has the patience to watch/listen to it for 16 minutes?
  • I think, they could have had a clip of SoniaG.
  • I don’t think the new one is great. Okay-dokey, that’s all.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: I am afraid, I am flirting a lot lately! Some write up about my dance classes sleeps in the drafts. To publish or not to publish?? :P


Smita said...

I didn't like the new version!! It is star struck!!! The older one was priceless and still makes u sing with it!!!

And u Enjoying snow? cool!!

Dinil said...

FYI, the caste system is not stupid. They way (most) present-day Indians handle and assume caste system to be what it is not, is stupid. The problem of not educating about the caste system, can't be blamed on the caste system. For the same reason, you can't be blamed. Lookup ancient books on `Sanatana Dharma' and you will appreciate it better; or at least not call it stupid.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


The new one seems barely ok. Not great... But well, if they take the best one third of the 16 minutes, they would have a very good 5 minute video which could be very nice.

@Dinil :)

We can't judge things by the textbook definition of it,... but only by the reality. So, in my book, caste system is still stupid.
(In fact, it is even more stupid for being a impractical idea in that case).

Now that doesn't mean I support the ideal caste system which is described in the books. Since I haven't read those, I may say nothing. But I doubt the 'goodness' of it.

and Dinil, nice to see you here :)