21 January 2010

What am I? (or Am I bad?)

According to the age old saying, I am what I eat!

Then I should be a terrific, amazing fellow. Because I have a very healthy and tasty diet. I am a decent cook and most of my friends are great cooks.

According to what I (want to) believe, I am what I read!

In this case, I should be a modern, classic, and witty man. I do read from a wide range of choices. Books, blogs, news – I read all these with such a joy!

According to some Malayalam saying – my friends define me!

That should make me even more wonderful. Because there are times when I even wonder whether I deserve such great friends.

But… But……..
Some people are saying now – I am what I wear!

15012010121That suddenly makes me an old fashioned fellow who is unaware of what is going around. :(

(old fashioned indeed – who else has 14 handkerchiefs in a world where every one carries around little napkins?)

All I care about clothing are cleanliness and comfort. Conforming to the norms was never in my blood – my parents also don’t really believe in conforming to the standards. But I lack something which they have – the thought that “what would others think/say”.

So, armed with the non-conformance and not caring what others think, I am stuck with the most comfortable wear, which might be less fashionable. I’ve been to Opera/Ballet/etc. wearing jeans, t-shirt and sports shoes.

People may frown now! So what? Beauty or fashion is only skin deep. What I care or what I want people to care is a lot deeper than that. And I don’t buy much stock with the superficial ones.

I am not saying that one shouldn’t care. You have got only one chance to make the first impression. Your attire shows how much you attend to the fine details of daily life. So, it has its own significance.

Wear comfort wear and style is bonus. But don’t go for clothes which are too tight around <wherever> and pinches your <whatever>.

Anyway, two of my friends are bent up on making me an Armani! They are going to fix my wardrobe insufficiency. God help me! (and the Goddess of lottery could help me too – it’s expensive).

Lately, I find myself complying with my demanding friends. So, within a month, they are going to take me for shopping!

Anyway, I came up with something which I shall not dare call a poem. Still, here it is. :P

Am I what I eat, or what I drink?
Am I what I read, or what I think?
What I eat, drink, read or think
None of these is anything junk

Am I what I wear, or is it my style?
Or is it more about my lifestyle?

Some seem to care about what I wear
And now I know why some do stare
If you thought that I was not aware
You're wrong, the reason is I don't care

Imagine a world a different world
Where clothing is to fight heat or cold
Oh my friend, you need not be told
That it would be a lot better world

So, with that little torture, I put my pens down. :)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: How often do you speak about Oscar Wilde? Very infrequent, right? Should you see it a coincidence, if you buy an Oscar Wilde book and the next day a friend tells you about him/his stories? May be not a coincidence at all, for such things seem to happen a lot.

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Jon said...

Hey as long as you are not hitched and is not bothered about getting hitched everything is fine... You need not bother what others think about you...