4 March 2010

Absent minded? Irresponsible? Bored Sky?

It has been happening a few times lately that when I come out of uni (office) in the evening, I have forgotten to wear my shoes. I walk into the cold and say .. “oops, now I’ll miss this train” and go wear my shoes.

Once I am in the institute, I remove my shoes and wear some sandals (a lot comfortable).

Too absent minded to remember it in the evening?


I wanted my Indian license converted to German one. Applied, did everything, passed the test. But then realised that I’d lost my Indian license. It was gone. When I went to India, I applied for a duplicate and did receive it.

As it was no matter of urgency, I didn’t go get the license until two days ago. Surprise surprise surprise: I has submitted my Indian one along with the application. What an idiot I am/was to forget it and go through all those hassles!

Or was it just being irresponsible?

Good thing is that I have the same photo in both my licences now.


In the 1986 film, the hero sings :

Oh my dear moon, don’t go. I am your sky and will be there for you ever. Even if you leave me, I’ll keep you close to my heart/thoughts”. (Video below)

In the 2009 film it has become :

The very same moon everyday, the sky would be bored. Be a wife or a knife, I want the best!”. The song is of course about partner.

That is how love or attitude or perspective has changed? Interesting! :)

One could and would listen to the old song a million times. The new one irritates you the third time you listen to it.

If you are a south Indian and don’t know this song, don’t ever come to my blog again. Well, last chance: listen to it and if you don’t like it, don’t come to my blog anymore. 

Signing off, Sands.


Smita said...

I don't know that song :D but yay! am not a south Indian :P

lol @ forgetting the shoes & licence! Too much forgetting shorgetting going on? Is it love or is it dove?? ;-)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

Hi Smita,

For a non-south-indian, it is ok... - not knowing that song. :)

Nothing to do with love... I am just absent minded.

When I fall in love, I have great presence of mind : especially when with THE lady.

A Liberated Soul said...

Sandy, the movie's mouna ragam right. My favorite.