3 March 2010

Random randomness alias AVIYAL-ised mind.


From the info-screen at the tube-station: The world is full of plastic. Every square km of the ocean has thousands of pieces of plastic. (very small ones that the creatures devour and die – so sad).

I am wondering why no one foresaw it. Was it that hard?

Perhaps is was not easy to foresee. So, are there similar things happening around us, which are going to threaten life on planet as plastic/glo-warming is doing now? Are we oblivious to it?


Does any one of you (or do all of you) watch out or be vigilant when you are at the train/bus stop and a train/bus approaches? Just being careful that no one plays a prank at you by pushing you and the prank goes wrong? [there was once an incident in Munich]

Do you think about the chances of a truck reversing when you are behind it? …. and keep vigil?

When you bike/drive, do you look below the body of a truck for legs to see if someone is going to jump in front of you?

Am I just being very too cautious? or paranoid? I am not afraid or anything.. but you know? Invest one cent in being cautious and you’ll save in millions (peace of mind). [Or am I just too old wise? ;) ]


Lately, I am quite busy. But I am trying to give time and care to dear ones. Just not wanting to compromise. I couldn’t help my mom a lot with something she needed. But I think I did help her (enough). :)

Perhaps I’ve a slight restriction on social commitments. But in general, I MAKE time for the ones I care – whether to send good morning mail/card or to pamper them when they are down.

Am I performing well? Is that how one grows into a better person? Being a good family man? Would I manage to perform well if I had children (who would be invaluable and to whom I’d give so much of time)?

Hmmm… I think, a long way (still) to go.


Why would a break-up be the end of everything between two persons? You fell in love because you found each other GREAT. Wasn’t it so? A break-up is merely a decision – to not share lives. But the niceness, greatness, friendship, etc. all should be the same. Right? One may take a while to get over the pain.

But afterwards? How could you act as if the other person never existed?

Break-ups are hard. I might have faltered when I went through it/them. But in general, I’ve tried to be good. But some people surprise me (by stupidity?) or (can they just not get a grip?)


I think the charm of winter is gone along with the melted snow. It is just grey, cold and wet – not that it bothers me a lot. But I am sure, I am ready for the spring. Looking forward to it.


As I said, quite busy my friends. I thought it better to write a few random things (in brief) than a single topic expanded (lazy, less effort).

Have a good day, week, month, time-in-general.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: The plastic story reminded me of Underground Fluffers (from Wiki) : Fluffers or Fluffies has been used as a name for workers on the London Underground who would clean hair, dirt and dust from the tunnels at night when no tube trains run.[1] The work was often done by hand by female workers.[2]


Jon said...

so much food for thought(s)... I am quite full....good post

Anonymous said...

Good post...

I do look below the truck/bus for legs when driving...


Anonymous said...

About the breakup bit, not that I have gone through one, but:

The emotional attachment two people hold on a relationship may vary in strength, depth. Isn't it rather childish, or cold, to expect everyone to fall into the same cordial platform? Some people would rather forget the past, and walk towards the future without the hindrance of fallen hopes? Or the fear they bring?

It's just me, trying to reason. It seems to me, that measuring peoples behavior and emotion, especially when it comes to relationships, is not the right way to go about? Getting a grip, is slightly frosty an expression...


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

@ Jon ...

:) and did you find answers to the questions.

@ Vivek..

Thanks :)
And you SHOULD : especially as a bullet rider.

@ Kajan..

People are different. Generalisations could be wrong. That way, my posts speaks for only a small % of the population..

Thanks for dropping by.