11 March 2010

For a change…

This is not a place for spreading negative energy, which I never do. Instead I post and ‘broadcast’ news and details about my great mood, excellent spirits etc.

But… Today…

I am a bit confused. Or may be slightly excited in the negative side. Three very important things happened between 9:45 and 11:00.

Nothing bad at all. But each of them with such great gravity – life changeable events. Hmm… Shall let you know eventually.

The funny thing is, only good might happen and I am possibly getting anxious for nothing. But why not! I am at least enjoying a novel feeling.

Now to the good side. I was speaking with MusicGirl and the conversation turned to ‘hot guys’; and I asked her about how she finds me – HOT or NOT.

Guess what? A full 10 for personality. Good score for height; she praised my eyes. Sense of humour too is one of my strengths in her opinion. But I lost points for my ‘dressing sense’ (or lack of it) and my unruly hair; she doesn’t like my teeth either.

I am glad that the plus-es were character-related (except eyes) where as the minus points are ‘repairable’. (Not to mean that I intent to).. In any case, I am not HOT enough for her. ;)

This would be the time to read about Endowment Effect – for I am thinking positives are more important, and the negatives are insignificant. (would the knowledge of Endowment effect, make my feelings void of endowment-effect?)

Signing off, Sands.

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Clipped.in - Explore Indian blogs said...

Its the positives that really matter...