15 March 2010

First Sketches

I had been thinking about taking the brushes and colours for sometime now. I haven’t touched them since last July or so.

Have always wanted to do colour pencil sketching. I know, I am by no means good. Of course, I have my favourite red-rose and bamboos which are quite easy. Hopefully, in a few months I’ll learn some tricks of the trade.

In any case, I took the pencils, and sketched while watching some dokuz. Naturally, something HOT and SPICY.  ;)

13032010256 13032010257

The best part is, you need only a sketch book and 3-4 pencils and just 10-20 minutes for such a simple thing. Isn’t that cool? I have to move to more complicated stuff though.

Other than this, beautiful things are happening in life. To an extent, painful things – which are still lovely and great in themselves. At the moment a little too busy to express such things in words. Will try to do some day.

Signing off, Sands.


Jon said...

I miss my school days when the greatest gift I could have got was a crayon set!!

Smita said...

Soooo many times I have bought colors & sketching book to revive my old passion but have never worked on it!!

Th sketch has come out well :)