7 March 2010

Women’s Day and Snapshots from (my) life..

Just some time ago, a friend emailed me:

.... and by the way, today is world women day. My whole newspaper is talking about feminism and men's emancipation. I'll give it to you after having finished, ja?

I am curious about it. In any case, I’ll read it and report here.

Off topic: Have I mentioned that I like it when someone suggests/gives me something to read (which they liked, or think I’ll like?). It shows care and concern and of course is a proof that I was in their mind while reading it. Isn’t it a lovely thing to feel cared for?

As a person who has more female friends than most people, I have had many chances to talk about women’s problems and let me make it clear, I am on women’s side. I have mentioned it a few times and also have given some links. I don’t want to repeat them here.

In my personal experience, there were/are more male-idiots than female-idiots. And some of the male-idiots even excelled in being so. So… you know?

Note: I do hate those moments when feminism goes “MAD/WILD”. I and D sometimes have discussions about it.

Anyway, I make use of this occasion to ask all of you to work towards a world where everyone is free to do anything he/she wishes, without being judged or looked down at, where everyone has equal rights, equal protection etc. etc. (irrespective of gender/race/creed/anything)

And now, I bring your attention to some snap-shots from my life:

Ethiopean Food   This is how Ethiopian food looks like. (at least in Blue Nile, the Ethiopian restaurant in M)

McDonald's Mallu FoodTypical Kerala Food (called Puttu)… But nobody has ever made Puttu in McDonald’s cups. We didn’t have the right utensils.

Puttu  And yes, it did come out pretty well. (Was too dry to swallow though) :P

06032010250The newest member in my room. What would I call her? I might call her “Grübchen” (means dimple)

Welcoming YouThis is the entrance to my room. A flowery welcome.

The Red CorridorThe Red-Corridor from where I enter my room.

From my WindowThis is what I see from my window. Just a foot away from my feet, it is snow. And what you are seeing there is my Flower-Patch. (Should i have flowers in there? or vegetables?)

He's going down ;)This is how he (Sun) goes down on her (Earth). Of course, Euphemism is deliberate.

Snow is meltAnd yes, the snow melts gradually.

From my bedThis is what I see when I wake up in the morning. It is this light which wakes me up.

Beauty ... Hidden FeaturesMannequins, in the nearby shopping centre. This photo was taken when some group of idiots were making issues in India about the nude-mannequins.

Axe wielding fellowsDuring Xmas time, xmas trees were being sold like hotcakes.

Hospital Scenary   While I was in the hospital, this was the view from my window. Great and all, but it was very dull for me to look out.

Her CatLike I started, I end with the same friend who sent me the email. Here is her cat, lying on her legs. She (the cat, “L”) was very comfortable lying on back, on that soft quilt. (I apologise to L, for the unexpected camera-flash).

That was all my dear friends. My busy day/weak is ON and I am in a quite good mood. You all have a wonderful time too.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: My Malayalam blog readers would see the same photos there too. Perhaps with more details of the images.


A Liberated Soul said...

Nice pics!

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Thanks :-)

Hailstone said...

Very good photos.

Ethiopian food is so colorful...and it resembles our food with aviyal, chamandhi, appam, parippu kari etc :)


Smita said...

Nice collection of pics!!! I specially liked the flower at the entrance of your room & the red corridor :)

And the Ethiopian food looks yummy & colorful :)

Jothish said...

Next time try mixing the puttu flour to the OMC (optimum moisture content). It'll be softer.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Thanks,... and yes, it looked very much like our food. (especially the appam was just like ours)


And everyone seems to like the ethiopean food.


Sure, I wasn't the cook on that evening.. allenkil nalla kalakkan puttu kazhichene njangal! :P

Usha said...

loved the pics.. esp the ethiopian food. Looks more like yellow dal, palak, dal makhni, aaloo carrot subji, salad and 'ada pradhaman' served on rumali roti with appam. sigh..
I have no clue how it tastes like, I have a nasty cold n zero apetite. But I am sooo hungrrry all of a sudden..

and the puttu making machine! you better get your McD low-moisture-puttu patented, I say! :D

sree said...

very nice pics :)