22 March 2010

Home away from home; and pix

After being away from Munich for four days, I am back.

During the course of the past few years, I have become capable of being very comfortable - wherever I go. But, visiting and staying-with RG is more than just being comfortable – I do feel ‘home’ with RG – feeling myself.

I could even dump my clothes as it pleased me – without giving a second thought on should I behave like a ‘guest’. A home away from home. :)

The only sad thing is that I felt very much at home that I was taking salt/tea/etc. from Chris (room-mate) without asking. (of course, informing him afterwards)

I even managed to break two wine glasses within 2 days. :P

We had plans to go to a few cities in France. After going only to Strasburg, we decided to ditch France and to tour only Saarbrücken. Being lazy, and talking, talking and talking, we ditched Saarbrücken too.

Truth be said – I was very glad to be confined within those 4 walls and to have a part of the bed to sleep on. We had a lot to catch up since our last meeting. And we just had lovely time.

Know what? Many people add value to our lives. But a few of them.. – they altogether multiply the value of our lives.

This post is dedicated to RG. :)

And here are some pictures from Strasburg (France)

2010-03-18 192 Cute little girl from the play-ground.

2010-03-18 195 The city-centre.

2010-03-18 004 The railway station

2010-03-18 007 Another view of THE railway station

2010-03-18 010Five roads join here

2010-03-18 011 Waiting for the spring

2010-03-18 019 ‘FRENCH WINDOWS’

2010-03-18 022 The strange tree

2010-03-18 023 The photographer in me was awakened :P

2010-03-18 051 Inside the church

2010-03-18 056 Coloured glass is wonderful, isn’t it?

2010-03-18 060 Better to see this way than being burnt.

2010-03-18 086 Grotesques @ the church

2010-03-18 146 This creature’s scientific name is ‘adorable’.

2010-03-18 159 Aren’t these shoes adorable? :)

Signing off, Sands.


Jon said...

Cool photos!!!

I wish i could visit these places some day...sigh...

And it's a blessing to have a good friend...

Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Great Pics...

I read about gargoyles couple of days back for the first time and now I got to see some of them in your blog.. :)


Smita said...

Awesome clicks!!! Specially the tree one!!

And yes it is fun to be the way you want to be but yes one should be thankful for ppl who let us be :)