11 February 2007

Being a Student - A Small Analysis

Before starting to write down... let me give a pointer to the song which you could listen to... while reading the following ...

Nee nadanthal nadayazhaku...
Nee sirithaal sirippazhaku...
Nee pesum thamizhazhaku...
Neeyoruvan thaanazhaku...

My analysis of being a student is based on the old definition of student. According to that definition, a student has the following:-

  1. Jeerna Vaasthram (Bad clothing)

  2. This point just stresses the idea that a real student wont be interested in dressing and fashion stuff. (OK, let's leave out the fashion students here). When the student in completely into studies, the clothing/dressing stuff is not so important. Now, after coming with me for a little shopping, at least my mother and sister are not going to agree that I fall in the category of students with jeerna vasthram.

  3. Shwaana Nidra (Sleep of Dog)

  4. A real good student sleeps very less. Actually, I kind of follow this. Not to the level meant in the definition, still my sleep timings are less. Gotta improve a little here.

  5. Baka Dhyanam (Concentration of a Crane)

  6. Yes, the ability to concentrate is a must for a good student. If you have seen a crane cogitating, standing on it's one leg... you would know why the definition talks about the concentration of a crane. In this one also, I think I do score. Whenever I learn I do have good concentration. Could be improved.

  7. Kaaka Drishti (The Sight of a Crow)

  8. Crows are very good at observing even small things happening around them. A student definitely has to have such a good observation on things happening. Do I score here enough? I am not sure. I guess, I do OK. Of course there is scope for lot of improvement.

  9. Brahmacharyam (No word in English for this - at least I don't know)

  10. I don't think this needs to be explained. Not being married is not brahmacharyam. This is the power of mind. This is the power to control your mind from all fluctuations and infatuations. Those who have read my earlier posts do know whether I score even the pass mark :(

The above listed five things are supposedly must for a good student. Whether I believe in all of them or not is a different issue. But I have to improve in those ones which I think makes sense.

Continuous and never-ending improvisation - the secret of success. I still do remember Steve Ballmer's enthusiasm in the company meet. He shouts "Growth Growth.. and Growth" .. yes, that growth comes from continuous improvement.

Here a sudden change in topic.

Can you imagine the happiness of a man getting his own house? A shelter for himself. I can feel that. In the past 10 months I have been moving around in Munich. I relocated a couple of times - because I didn't have a permanent place to live in.

Last week, I got the letter from StudentenWerk which said that my room will be ready from first of march onwards. Wow, what a relief it was!. Now, I have an address of my own in Munich. No more "c/o" stuff. And the contract for the room is for 3 years. That means I have the room for myself for quite some time. :)

I have to start my packing again. Relocation is a tedious process. Packing, shifting, unpacking - very much non interesting. But this time I wouldn't feel that bad about moving. I am going to my OWN place. I was thinking... if this is what I feel about a student-room, what a person would feel to OWN a real home? He would be definitely on 9th cloud.

Pattu padikkanenkil kottumthalakku ponam
........................chakittum tharam

News Update: I got a MAC. Yes a 17" iMac - 64bit 2GHz dual core processors; 1GB RAM; ATI Radion 128MB Graphics Card; 160 GB HDD

Made a couple of unsuccessful attempts to install Vista. :( I guess, I got to learn and get used to mac first. Then I should read a little more about vista/mac dual boot. Then I should be successful. I know, people have done this dual boot already.

This happens to be the first Macintosh machine which I keep my hands on. It's kind of good. But, my first impression is that a PC is definitely better. This opinion is prone to change - in fact, it has already changed slightly from day-before-yesterday.

Signing off, Sands.

PS1: The songs and the topic have no connection. They are of entirely different moods. But it came that way!

PS2: This whole post was typed in HTML. Even most of the tags.


karthik said...

me..only pass mark in condition 1...:(( ...

and kewl dude... amp has mac as well...:)

good that u r shifting...:) .. who knows im mite and come stay with u for a couple of weeks :)
and what is this online friend funda...keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

U've got the 3 main factors to be a good student.....itz somewhat Good.....
Jeerna vasthram---not a major issue..letz ignore it...
Then comes.......
U asked us if u get passmark...
Let me say onething.....U dont have the Qualification to appear the exam--'Brahmacharyam'


Anonymous said...

:=))....wellwisher rocks


Vimal said...

mac??? so you have discarded linux like forever? not even a mention of atleast thinking of installing linux.

enthokkeyayalum photos upload maadi :)