6 February 2007

The Guardian Angel Is Going

How are you supposed to feel when your guardian angel is going away? Actually I am not feeling anything special. Still this post is for him.

Peter, Peter Ullrich - he is the person who helped me the most in getting the PhD position here. He was my guide for my master thesis. Yes, Professor was always there, but the one who really helped me with my technical problems and such things.

Even for my PhD, he was the one guided me in the beginning until prof started looking after me directly. Now too he is very much concerned about me :)

He helped me find the room I live in now. So, altogether he happened to be my Guardian Angel.

Now, he is leaving TUM, going to Swiss for another university. He is in the transition period. He took me out for a coffee today and said bye to me officially. He will be a guest-researcher in TUM till the end of year. But he might be coming once in a blue moon only.

He is a pure mathematician. I cant describe how pure he is as a mathematician. He is a slow animal, he is too soft a character that others will definitely exploit him. As a proof for his non-interest in real-world things, I shall give an example. The wallpaper on his computer is the same for the past 2.5 years. And apparently, that happens to be one of the default wallpapers which come with that distribution of Linux. His desktop is cluttered with icons; - he doesn't even notice those things I guess. What he cares about is only MATH.

As a matter of fact, guidance directly by professor will do better for me than by him - because Peter is not an active character - so his passiveness and my hyper-activeness don't match.

Time for lunch. Signing off, Sands.




Anonymous said...

' Nadannathellam nallathinu ;
Nadakkunnathellam nallathinu ;
Nadakkan pokunnathellam

Keep this in your mind always..........

A Well Wisher..........

njan - version4 said...

hmmm who is this well wisher :) ??
ur blog is getting mysterious these days :)

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


actually .. more things are happening in my malayalam blog...
had put 3 posts in the past 15 days... lotta comments at times.. :)

njan - version 1