19 February 2007

A Picture Post - My Office Space

Just putting some snaps of my working environment. I should say, I am very lucky to have such a good place. Here are the pictures, let them speak.

Today, my table was a little cluttered with so many books and papers; That's why I wanted to capture the image. Then thought - "Why not put in the blog?" Anyway, the seat which you are seeing in the picture is not mine. It is for the other person who would be sharing the office with me. Apparently, for the past 6 months there was no such man to share the office with.

This would be exactly what I see while sitting in my chair. The desk of a researcher - but where is the computer?.. eh? You can see the mouse though.

Yeah, here they are. My Computational Devices!! The Logitech microphone, Creative speaker set - full fledged multimedia centre too :) (?) Isn't the desktop image cool? - that's a close-up picture of a burning match-stick.

Yes, this is all of it. This is how it looks like when I am 3 feet from the door.

DISCLAIMER: I feel that you just thought "how many books and papers he's reading!!". It's true that the picture gives a picture of a hardcore-student. Unfortunately that's not completely true. Today it happened so that these many books and papers came together. NO MISINTERPRETATIONS PLEASE.

Signing off, Sands.



Anonymous said...

i love papa dimitriou book in ur table..

well wisher

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


why are you trying to be "the well wisher"?

Anonymous said...

good one... u found me out :)...

im not the original well wisher however :)

Vibha said...

..ANd i am back
A cool place to work,Agreed !!..But papers and books spread out everywhere.. ??
Is some research work going there seriously?

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

it was obvious! anyway nice try man...

good to see you back. long time no see. some research work is supposed to go seriously there!

Ajith said...

I get a different feeling.. How many printouts u fire every day :) ?

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


you caught me there.. but if i want to read something at home.. it's better to take printout.. (but i never read them at home.. i just take them home)


Joy-of-nothing said...

btw did u remove it ?

amp said...

ur office space luks sexy maan...
I envy you..:)