17 February 2007

Those times are gone; But good times will come again

I miss my IIT days, my bachelor days. I should say IIT days were more productive compared to BTech days.

Those late nights with karthik, the bread omelet, the midnight teas. Arguments and debates.

Guru - the one who has influenced me a lot. The very late night conversations with him. One day it was 1:30 - 2:00 at night when we both came back from lab... we hadn't started having Internet in our rooms at that time. We met in front of the bath room. A long argument on doing a PhD - straight after college or after some industry exposure. Finally, I got convinced and later followed his advice.

Yes, that is what I am missing. To be precise, the active debates - which gave a conclusion and food for thought.

And everyone correcting my English - whenever I uttered a word which had "o".

Sanjay's sharp dialogs. It's an art you got to learn. Karthik's emotional arguments. I still remember the argument on the children of inter-state-married couple. He got so emotional for Nandita Das.

Guru and Sanjay making fun of karthik. Poor fellow, had a difficult time. I still remember the chat script - Guru was giving out his opinion about karthik - to Sanjay. Unfortunately, Guru didn't know, karthik too was on the other side.

Varun - man, what's happening with you lately? I never dared to speak in front of him. He used to criticize me for every pronunciation issues - in English and Tamil. But, I do thank you man.. a LOT. My language was "HORRIBLE" ;). It is far better now.

Dada alias Priyankar, all those late nights with him too. He was my guide before I moved to Guru's "shishyathwam". I know guru knows that I admired him a lot. I still do. I will grow to be like him someday. Spreading energy all around me.

Dinil, Ep, Samuel - the trio. The fight with EP, on GOD/no-GOD, business at Guruvayoor issues, God for weak minds. He got really angry. I still think about it and laugh. Samuel was the king of diplomacy - I hated it. I like him a lot though. Dinil.... he comes from early life.. BTech days. I'll write it some other day.

Arun, his theater.. those movies. I was never that close with him like with others. Still I know/knew he has stuff inside. Just that some different bandwidth. He still must be having one of the keys of my room lock (1041, Krishna).

How many things did I miss-out? I carefully avoided OAT, The mallu gang, and so many such things. They come in different category. The TCS gang, the Trio and Karthik - that's all that really matter.

I still remember the very first debate. Guru, Arun, Sanjay and Siddesh - we were in front of Narmada-365. They talked about Chandrayan, India Super Power, Vision 2020 etc. I was just a spectator/listener. Topics varied from the above mentioned ones to gossiping.

Yes, this is all. The constructive talks whether at Narmada, or at Krishna or at Gurunath or wherever, they were the driving force. The life giving thing. There were people who could beat me up with their arguments. Their logic, the way they put it.

After those times, I've never met anyone who could say things with that much of vision or thoughts or meaning. Same way, lately nobody is able to win me in arguing. I have to find someone like that.. to give me food for thought. When I am the winner always, what I believe continues to be right. But that's not true. It's just because I've not met people with better ideas than mine and the ability to turn me to lose.

I am waiting for such people coming to beat me up and teach me new things, to give me ideas. I know they will come or I'll hunt for them. I need some more time to get the language part ready. The basic language is enough to start with, then I can start with how I did with my minimum English knowledge.

Signing off, Sands.

PS1: Trigger for the entry - it's just 10:45 at night. I am bored. I want to talk. I just thought about those days. I sent a mail to Guru. Then I went and read AMP's blog. Still I wanted to think more about those days. I opened the box of those memories and scribbled some of them here.

PS2: I wish I could write better. If only I could write down all my feelings? Sigh!



Anonymous said...

k... u missed nisha ...
donno y
and its a good post...feelings r there when u dont press any delete key in the post...


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

she doesnt come in the picture i drew here.

she was the source of emotional-energy... wasnt she?


Anonymous said...

U said it 'Those times are gone ; But good times WILL come again'
Letz wait for those days to come .....
And onemore thing ...Definitely people will come to beat u up,teach u new things giving u new ideas.....
Waiting for a post on B-tech days..in great GEC...


Anonymous said...

For the information of all of you........

I'm not 'EP The GREAT'..
Half of it is true.. ie, I'm GREAT..... :)
I'm not Vivek.E.P, But somebody else !!!!!!

It is a big shame on you- Sands And Joy Of Nothing ( Karthik )- that you couldn't recognise me ..... :(
Hope You'll get me atleast from this comment...

Anyway, this is the last comment from this WELLWISHER , who wants to be a stranger to all of you, always.......

Wishing you 'All The best'.....

Signing Off,


Vibha said...

Good post ! Expressed very well :-)
Mmm...I was reminded of FIVE POINT SOMEONE for a while when i read this