3 February 2007

Incredible India

When mind is full of thoughts, life is full of events and you don't find somebody to talk-to always near you, the entries in the posts go high. According to the above stated law, here comes another post in my blog!

I went for ice-skating. Yes ice-skating!! My plan for last evening was the movie "Dream Girls". Somehow I cancelled the movie and it was then my friend asked me whether I wanted to go for ice skating. Why not? - thought I.

It all started with blood. I was just at the entrance, with the rented skates in my hand. Somehow they slipped and my middle-finger got hurt and came just a drop of blood. It was paining a little as it was all cold there. Never mind the pain, my thought was "If what they say is right, everything is going to be well and perfect" - because they say in Kerala that seeing blood is a good omen (Shakunam) when you start something. No idea why I thought that way.

Surprisingly, I found myself to be too scared in the beginning. Later, after the first 10 minutes of fear, I became the quick learner I always am (bragging).

I fell a couple of times. Actually 3 times. Falling is very easy, be a little careless for a nanosecond - then find yourself on your back, lying on the ground. Two of the falls were fine. The other one, I really hurt my buttocks and thighs. My whole body is paining today - especially the above mentioned parts. However, about 90 minutes of learning skating made me tired enough. I will be going there tomorrow again. I have to learn it well in this winter itself.

Today, I went for swimming too. I've been thinking to write about swimming. So many nice girls over there - and all in their swimsuits. Oh my goodness! (these details are for adult males only - so censored). But still, I have to mention that most of the men are NUDE in the bathroom. Also, at one or two times I saw NUDE ladies in their bathroom. No no, I didnt look that way for that. When the ladies' bathroom was opened, I saw them accidently..er.. luckily :)

About one hour in the pool completely refreshes me. I feel exhausted and fresh at the same time. For the past couple of weeks, I go there twice a week and it's really nice. I guess, this swimming would help me reduce my small tummy.

Forgot to mention the Mojito (read it Moheetho) story. Today is my landlady's birthday. She invited me to join her & her guests. Of course, they were having hot drinks and offered me one Mojito. I couldn't believe myself. Just a glass of that thing got me drunk - in just 15 minutes. There was a lady in the party who got drunk well and for her the whole world was just spinning around her - she too had just one glass of Mojito. I didn't have any clue about this stuff. I just wanted to try this new thing. Very nice drink. Tasty, refreshing, different and STRONG. Later I read in Wiki that it's a Cuban cocktail made using rum.

Time to wind up the post. Not having my laptop at home and being not in a mood to read together make me watch TV. In CNN (the only non-German channel available), an advertisement of Incredible India comes. In the 30 second advertisement, Kerala is shown thrice - Incredibe Kerala :).

The ad begins with a Malayali lady smiling. The moment she appears and smiles, I find myself to be smiling too. The ad has been done well. Hence the title is kept to honor our Incredible India and the advertisement. The title should have been like "Skating, swimming and Mojito - to an Incredible Indian" - to capture/match the contents of this entry.

Signing off, Sands.
PS1: How am I blogging if I dont have my "panchali" with me? - I use my landlady's computer.
PS2: Panchali is the name of my laptop. To be precise, "panchali.iformatik.tu-muenchen.de". Very soon I will be hosting my webpages there :)
PS3: Can there be a better name for a webserver? Panchali - anyone can access ;)


Joy-of-nothing said...

how abt a name called
1) kurinji ?
2) mullai

for ur server...
and i guess u shuld start a pvt blog for adult posts of urs...

Anonymous said...

then, if any one can access Panchali, why can't it be
മൈഥിലി or വൈദേഹി


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Of course those names are good.. but they are no different... it's all the same...

the one I chose happens to be the most popular one...

ithaara eee anoni?

Pramode said...

Don't know whether you remember, but my server is called `bhim' and I have a client machine called `panchali'!!