25 February 2007

New Commitment - Classy Entries.

I am blogging from a Cafe. :)

For the past one hour I was struggling with this small math problem/puzzle. Unfortunately, I couldn't get head/tail of this thing. It seems to me that there might not be any solution. This at least helps me to satisfy my pride. My dear friend who pointed me to this problem, I am thankful to you. At the same time I am sorry that I cant help you get the credit of publishing the solution :)

Today is a dull day after so many sunny bright days. As usual I got up 10:00. My friend left to a tourist spot without telling me :(. Good that she did so.. otherwise I'd have discouraged her. Later, I too packed my stuff and came to this cafe. This cafe which is 125 years old! Already 2 cappuccinos are inside me along with the Italian cookie. A completely different day. About 5-6 hours in a cafe... just for reading, solving(?) a problem, watching people and of course thinking too.

What was/am I thinking? - Why do we always want to do the right thing? Sure that it's not to satisfy anyone except self. Then what if sometimes you want to do something which is not right? How do you define right/wrong? For those issues concerning others, we can easily define this. Those things just about self..?

I think the problem roots from the fact that there are things which are not absolutes. At least knowledge is not absolute in many cases. Then how will we be able to find solutions? .. Okay forget these things here. I shall try to solve them by myself and later post the solutions when I find them out. (It should be pretty difficult) - courtesy to Vimal.

Lately a very nice thing is happening to me. A couple of people for whom I have high regards for are appreciating my writing/blogging. I am happy :)

But they are simply unaware of the fact that their comments are making me tensed. It's my fault that my pride is growing up to sky and I'd start thinking about "my readers". Quite funny - "my readers". I guess, I am not going to think about that. Should be normal.

The blog which I started with the intention of improving my English writing skills... later turned out to be a passion which reflects my mind and thoughts! A very cool transformation!

I am happy anyway. Will continue to write whatever I feel like. This "Commitment to deliver ONLY classy posts" will fade away in a couple of days/posts. (in other words, "ahankaram can't last long")

Listen to this song Ennavo Ennavo from Priyamanavale. Pay attention to the lyrics too. The same way Minsaram en meethu also. Lately these kind of songs match well with my mood. What do they say about my mood? ;)
(am I still a mallu? Don't I have any Malayalam songs to point at?)

Wanted to write some more stuff.

1. Running Windows Vista on an iMac.
2. A tribute to some special people who shaped me.

Will do later.. My dear "readers",... wait.. ;)

Signing off, Sands.


PS: This is the puzzle which I was trying. There are three persons. Let's call them A, B and C. You don't know them personally. All you know about them is this - "A" speaks only truth; "B" never speaks truth; and "C" randomly speaks truth.

For any question, their reply will be only "U" or "V". And one of "U" and "V" means "Yes" and the other means "No". You can ask a maximum(altogether) of three Yes/No questions to these three persons and have to find out who is who. (They know everything in the world. For example, "A" would know what would be the reply of "C" for a specific question. So you can ask one of them about the answer which could be given by another person)

More formally:
1. Three persons - True, False and Random answers respectively.
2. Only two answers - U/V - one means yes, other means no
3. Only three questions to all (not three to each)
4. Find out who is who

Come on guys, this should be an nice brain teaser. Something similar to two tribes question of which one tribe speaks only truth, the other never speaks truth. Unfortunately I started thinking in the wrong direction and can't start from scratch.
<link to the original question - explained in the most round about way>


Anonymous said...

sandy"rajan" :))
-- "nammaku parkaan computer gallerikul "

everything fits for classic posts..


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

my goodness!! there is a njan here.
is it any njan from version 1-4?

or a new njan-version-5?

anyway, dear njan.. you made my day :)

- the real njan. njan_v1.

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Solved the problem :)
Might put it as a separate post.