1 February 2007

NEO: This is incredible. I know Kung Fu.

Yes, he told after TANK loaded programs to his head - for straight ten hours. Do you know how it would have felt for him to say that?

I see, you are still in dark. I'll show you some light. The title is a dialogue from the famous movie THE MATRIX. The hero "Thomas Anderson" says this. Now, why do I say that I know the feeling when he says he knew KungFu?

I say: "I know German". It is a little too much for me to proclaim something like that. But I am filled with joy (not with joy-of-nothing. Lately, even joy-of-nothing is filled with joy of something)

Song of the moment:
Vizhikalil vizhikalil vizhunthu vittay
Enakkul enayaey olithu vethay...
Sithariya idhayathe thirudi vittay

Wait a sec... let me stop the song... am not able to concentrate.. !

I have already written that I am going for this German Course. Now, I am starting to get the results of the course. For the past few days I find myself to be comfortable with German. I don't mean that I can talk in German, I gotta go a long way for that. But I do understand quite a bit of it.

This might be the thing they call "the freedom of literacy". I used to feel illiterate in front of posters and notices on the way. I was as bad as deaf when announcements came in train/flight/wherever. Those times are gone. Now I can understand what they are trying to convey through the posters/announcements.

I still consider to be only 10% literate. My aim is to reach such a level that I can stop this blog and start a blog in Deutsch. That too in another one year from now. I guess if she were here, it would have been very useful. I mean Mirchi Suchi. She was one of my favorite Tamil teacher.

Have to listen to radio, TV and also read some small books for KG students. I've asked my teacher to teach me some nursery rhymes and some common proverbs - which I think would be very useful.

Back to reality .. from the cloud number 9. It's a long cherished dream of mine to finish "Concrete Mathematics" by DON. You know what?, in the acknowledgement part of the book, Don acknowledges MY professor's help in the creation of the book.

I have to finish the book soon - I am almost done with first two of the nine chapters. I have to learn MAPLE too - it's a software/language for mathematical computations. Have to implement some algos. Have to speed up myself.

That's all for now. Signing off, Sands.

PS1: After reading through it, why do I feel this post to be too cryptic and cluttered?
PS2: Don't get excited by thinking that I might stop this blog once I learn German. I wont stop - I wont let you live in peace.


Joy-of-nothing said...

im wonderin whether my intellectual capacity doesnt exist anymore
i didnt find anything cryptic in it :(

Anonymous said...

i donno.. yesterday i wrote in a hurry and i felt that things came out in a complete disordered sequence...

so i was wondering whether there was something cluttered and cryptic..

and since you didnt find anything cryptic.... for others it would be easy to understand

Hiran said...

so when are you hosting your german blog?

Anonymous said...

i guess/plan ... in another 12 months.


Anonymous said...

i guess/plan... in another 12 months... "Die Deutsche Blog von Sandeep Sadanandan"