6 March 2008

Beautiful Nights and Miracles!

Aren't night outs wonderful? I might have written this earlier - that I love to receive the morning, after waiting for it all through the night.

It's 7 degrees below zero outside.. but I am going to go out. As I wrote in the previous posts, lately, I am in the best of my moods. And I am thrilled about going out now. While I will be out, sun will rise..., then I'll go straight to my office - start my day!

Even when I wrote about unleashing myself, it is not yet fully functional. But I can really feel it coming... sunrise

Was thinking of a nice thing... we four friends - Dinil, EP, Sam and Myself -- We were together at IIT. Now all four of us are pursuing PhD in computer-science. That too in neighboring countries - France, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany respectively. Can we call this a coincidence?

Apparently, I am the the laziest, most outgoing, most extravert, craziest and the youngest of all - but the senior most! :). 

But with PhD, may be I am the slowest. With all these superlative adjectives, can you call me an extremist!?

|--- a small question -- and how/why? ---|

Now, do you believe in telepathy? or in Miracles? Actually I don't. I have had experiences, when I and my mother spoke the same thing same time.

But with some one else .... that too, too many times! THE SAME THING at THE SAME TIME - both of us say, think - truly amazing. I still don't believe in miracles.. but then I don't know how to explain this experience.

Hey, I should be going out now. Let me get my thermal wear, pull-over and jacket. And of course muffler too.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: My grandma would be glad to know that I didn't sleep all through Shivarathri (or is it applicable only to unmarried young ladies?).

UPDATED LATER: By the time I reached university after that walk and taking some snaps with my mobile, there was not even an inch of my body - which was not frozen. I shouldn't have kept my mantel in the cellar, I should have known - where are my gloves hiding! But as a whole, it was a terrific morning - I enjoyed a lot.


Preetha Nair said...

its indeed Shivaraatri...!!!!:)

And to your question on why...
herez something Carrie Robinson Said...
A child's favorite words,
"I wonder" and "Why"
You hear them so often,
you just want to cry!

Learn to treasure each question,
for time will soon fly by,
Too soon the child is gone
that used to ask "Why"
So dear friend...its the child in You may be :) :)

Preetha Nair said...

and ohh I forgot...
thats a lovely Pic....too good :)

sandeep said...

beautiful pic sandeep ... almost speechless seeing it!

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Made a terrible mistake...
The picture was taken from flickr... :)

Should have given courtesy. :(

Yes, it could be the child in me. And the child in me will never be gone. You doubt it? ;)

After all, I can be proud of choosing to take the perfect one :)

- Njan.

Rejil Krishnan said...

When we travel in the trail of some amazing coincidences we r at times pleasantly rewarded with some magical and meaningful occurrences.
smetimes unexpected discoveries r wht are termed as miracles!!! :)
One post that kept me thinking...:)

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


Thanks for the visit and the comment.

And yeah, what you said, makes sense.


Dinil said...

"Apparently, I am the the laziest, most outgoing, most extravert, craziest and the youngest of all - but the senior most! :)."

I can't agree with all the superlatives .. and definitely not for the *extrovert* and *craziness*. According to your knowledge (and your definition, esp. for craziness) you might be right; but not otherwise :).

You could have said something like, you were the most rightist or so ;).

The Lonely Backpacker said...

dey what editor are u using ?

see the spelling of "extrovert" in your post...

and thankfully you went to do a Phd.. I can't see any better "job-person" fit..

@dinil chettan..

agree with your "extrovert" comment..

P.s. I know you like to be perfect in small things like the Spell check...