16 March 2008

INR 5 Million

I had been considering, for the past few years, about buying a house. Not just any house - but, that house, that specific one which I have had in my mind.

Anyway I had been thinking about it. While I was in the library, yesterday, I thought that perhaps I should my first move. Today, I spoke with one of the owners of this house and he is fine with it. At the moment, that house is not for sale, but when it will be (which I am sure, will be within less than 5 years), I will be one of the potential buyers.

And the rough estimate stands at 50 lakhs. WOW!

Till date, I have never paid much attention to money - I knew, it comes and goes. But I have made sure that the money worked for me before it left me. I also have been boasting that money is one of the easiest things to make - if you have skill and will.

Life is beautiful, right? It takes you to/through different situations and makes you speed up or slow down the things you do; It changes the way you think, turns your concepts upside down; etc. In my case, my life is making things clearer and clearer in my mind. And this decision (about house) is one of such things which got cleared and I am stepping up to act.

It's a house, kind of farm house, surrounded by large, green compounds and it is by the side of a river. It's an old house, with black-cement/red-cement/tiled floor , wooden roof, poomukam and what not!

And what would I do with that house? To put it simple: whatever I would be doing in future, I'll take sabbaticals and go there to write the books which I would be doing during the sabbatical. Of course, my children would come with me too. hmm..... I'll not force her, but she will choose to join me :) [what a confidence! :)]

That's all for now! I searched for a picture of that house and couldn't find it. I have it somewhere in the hard-disk which fell down yesterday :( - 'll show you later.

That's all for now. Signing off, Sands.

PS1: Update on life. If you consider the saying "A diamond is nothing but a piece of coal which did well under-pressure", I am turning to a diamond very fast. Had a decent experience of tearing off a part of my heart - last week. No more details. [song for the moment - Pinneyum Pinneyum Aaro Kinavinte :) ]

PS2: Today is my birthday. The best one till date. :)


Anonymous said...

A very happy birthday..

And the song is really good (dont know what to comment on the tearing part)


Preetha Nair said...

Wishing you many more "best birthdays" :) :)

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Thanks for the wishes! :)

And there is no need to comment about the heart thing. I am cool ... as usual :)

Thanks for the wishes for future b'days.
What with today's? ;)

sandeep said...

belated b'day wishes sands! let me also wish u a better b'day every year :)

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


Thanks for the wishes. :)


Dinil said...

Belated wishes buddy!

Dinil said...

Belated wishes buddy!

Sakeeb said...

Belated birthday wishes..

Is your ur orkut a/c removed?.. I searched in my frineds list.. but couldn't find you.

BTW, I am also staying in a 5 million apartment.. with Jyothish [:-p].

Anonymous said...

belated birthday wishes bhai..