26 March 2008

Stopped writing?? - Aha!

For the past two days, I was wondering.. why everyone has stopped writing/blogging? I wasn't getting any feeds. Today a friend mentioned about a new entry in one of my RSS-ed blogs. But I hadn't received the feed. Well, some mistake. It happens sometimes.

Coding horror feeds were absent too - this aroused my suspicions. A small check revealed that RSS department of outlook was on strike. Outlook and IE works almost perfectly well with feeds and it's a wonderful job they have done there.

Anyway nothing is perfect. I was a little annoyed - not because it just didn't work once in months. but for resetting the whole thing, I had to click and delete EACH_OF_THE_55_FEEDS!. Then I just imported the opml file and it works wonderfully! :)

Update: I am re-starting to listen to Aha-FM. It's cool :).. Tamil songs have a special beauty - which Malayalam nor Hindi has. IMG_4495

Song of the moment:
Keladi ninne njan kettunna kaalathu, noorinte note kondu aarattu.
Kannale neeyenee kettiyillenkilu, kanneerilaanente neerattu.
Appanum ammakkum aayiram veetham
Achaayanmarkkoke anjooru veetham
Ayalvakkakkarkkokke anpathu veetham
Acharam koduthittu kalyanam

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Someday this summer, I'll go and stay in this small hut - just some 2 kms from my home - by the side of a stream, facing the woods. :)


Preetha Nair said...
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Anonymous said...

That is a hut!! Looks like the "motor room" in fields..

Anyways, we (readers) can have another nice entry here about the experience in the hut (???)


Dinil said...

Some of us stayed at this small house in the alps - http://www.la-charmette.com/hiver/index.html - last month. The 2-days trip was awesome .. we climbed to around 1700m .. this house is at 1200m or so .. damn cold .. and no electricity .. fortunately, there was a fireplace and enough dry wood :).

The Lonely Backpacker said...

I ll take the hut for my honeymoon :P

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


Yeah.. that's more of a watch tower - to watch what? I don't know.

But first I need to get someone who is brave enough to stay a night in the woods and also as thick-skinned as me - to fight the mosquitos.

This is nothing of that level. This is just a small watch-tower near a small field.

@Karthik [Adult Content]
Not all positions would be possible there. One cannot lie straight there. :)

Thanks to all.