18 March 2008

Knowing what you do!

Paalam :)I had set a goal for myself. And that goal was supposed to be reached when I turn 26. And from my own evaluation, I feel that I have reached there.  

The goal was simple: To be able to know - what I am doing. And I know that now. Don't frown now - haven't I ever known what I have done / have been doing? Yes, I have always... but never as clear as now.

Don't get confused, be able to take sensible decisions at any time, and be sure about the things you do in life. Things could still go wrong, but knowing what you do is something important.

May I take this opportunity to dedicate this post to Guru. Now, I am at his age - at the time I was with him.

Here the photo shows the latest me - trying to cross the small narrow bridge shown Paalam :)in the picture above; I am neither scared nor confused nor shaken. :) - I am just glad :)

Signing off, Sands.

PS1: Photo taken in the small fields near my house - last weekend.

PS2: People do inspire me - even now, as they used to do earlier. Some people are really so good that you cannot help being inspired. And some people are really too bad that you can't help getting irritated too. Sigh!






Preetha Nair said...

Woww...to have dared to walk on that narrow strip...
I remebered something that i had read somewhere...

"Don't cloud today with things that can't be undone. You have no more control over yesterday or tomorrow, than you do the raging of your passions"

Warm wishes to have known your Dreams and never stop chasing them :)

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Actually when I reached the middle of it, the two small logs on the sides bent so much that they were under water. I had to walk back. :(

Thanks for the words :)

And for the wishes :)

Anonymous said...

ellam sari thanne, ennaalum onnu sookshikkunnathukondu, kuzhappamonnoolyatto.


sandeep said...

i just hope that the river is shallow :) but wud someone be worried abt the risks once they know what they r doing?? :)

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Ammae.. I was/am very careful.

Good point! :)

If I fall, my only concern would be my camera.. And I am sure that the river is not very deep. (But the water would freeze me in seconds!)

Hailstone said...


Like you, the first thing came to my mind when I saw that photo was abt your camera..