29 March 2008


Isn't it interesting to see that - clarity comes from confusions, solutions come from problems and answers won't be there without questions? Still we hate confusions, problems and questions! At least I don't. :)

Well, that is not the point I want to make. How do we know about future? Where is our future? Who is the best person to talk about future?

Does it lie in R&D? in the labs? Should we ask scientists? Future.....!

Today I heard from a great person - that the best picture we can get of future is by looking at kids, they are in kindergarten and the person who can talk about future is no one but an experienced kindergarten teacher. Hey, it did make sense to me. 

[I know, you might want to argue. For the first time, I am not open to argument. At least what I heard today is true.]

I want my "future" as soon as possible. And I need at least 3-4 of them ;). I'll be very good at nurturing my future :). So, let me speed up my life a little and get ready soon.

Also, the whole thing reminded me of one of the posts by my sister - "I Sympathise".

Now, before leaving, another thought - "No one is able to think beyond the limits of his/her thoughts". This a complicated thing which I have written here. If someone is indeed able to think beyond his limits, then was that the real limit? Many a time have I wanted to bring somebody to my level, and also to think from someone's level - and never succeeded in that.

Finally, I am trying to push my boundaries! :) - am I succeeding? I'll know it in a few years.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Does this post look like non-sandeepish? If yes, then this is a new face! :). Get used to it.


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