22 March 2008

I told you so...

Notice: It turns out to be a little difficult to maintain 4 blogs. So, I am merging my tech-stuff with this blog - and will add a new category.

The two small problems, unrelated to my main work, which I worked on are (i) The 3n+1 problem and (2) The maximum matching problem.

I could successfully re-phrase the 3n+1 problem into different words, but no proof what so ever was found. Anyway I wasn't very hopeful either. I am happy to have done my fair share of breaking my head.

Regarding the matching problem, the solution is not about correctness, it is about speed. What I initially had in mind turned out to be wrong; I improved on it and have a solid solution, but all depends on how fast it is. That analysis is still remaining.

There is something which I have been wanting for 2-3 years. Fermat's Last Theorem (FLT) is something which has contributed a lot to the development of mathematics - over 300 years. There is no wonder that Andrew Wiles cried when he found the proof. What I want is to just learn his proof - yes, I know that it could turn out to be really hard.

Wiles alone has worked on it for about 7 years. And his proof is built on lot of other theories and what he actually proves is TS-conjecture, which is the equivalent of FLT. So, learning it could be very hard indeed. Still, I think I shall try a little bit. Let me add that too to my TODO list.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: I couldn't help smiling when Shimura said "I told you so", when he heard about the proof for his conjecture. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't think your decision to merge your technical blog with this one, is a wise one. Let the "COOLSUN" be cool.

Do you think, we, readers, are looking your technical blog. so the net result will be we have to skip this blog also.

This problems arises only if you wish that your blog be read by

A regular reader of COOLSUN.

Dinil said...

I would like to see the progress on maximum matching. Besides, it would be interesting to see the improvements on other kinds of matching too (like maximal matching, for example).