9 March 2008

Make me alive again?

Monkey and Goat!My grandma used to say that, for monkeys, all types of fruits taste sweet; and that every type of leaves taste good for  goats too.

I was talking about my food habits to a friend of mine. My wife would be really lucky - I'll eat everything she cooks, without any complaints. Because, everything tastes good to me. At least, there is nothing which tastes bad. Some things like "Leberkäse" and "Speck" which are a little too salty though.

As I child, I had problems with many many vegetables - quite a number of them.

Once, while having "puttu", I'd eat "puttu" only with sugar and "kadala" was allergic to me - or at least I thought so. My father, against his usual "no-compulsion(leave him free)" tactics, forced me to try kadala and of course I resisted.

Finally he said - "if you die because of eating this, I'll make you alive again".Kadala and Puttu

Well, that time I was small boy and nice too (unlike now). I used to obey :)

And surprisingly, the kadala didn't kill me and I have liked it ever since. Smile :)

Now tell me, considering the first paragraph, which category should I belong to? ;)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Slept enough after a few days of lack-of-sleep. The sunny Sunday is asking me for a date :) - I'll take a walk to Isar, the river flowing just half a km from my home.


sandeep said...

"puttu" and "kadala" is like "amrithu" nowadays :) just luv it and pack it for almost all treks :)

yeah ... i also didnt like it that much during childhood ... but guess bangalore changed me!

Vimal said...

You are a pig. Nee enthum thinnum, ethreyum thinnum.

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Don't even remember.. when was the last time I had it! Must have been in 2006!

Thanks da..
Ithil kooduthal vilamathikkunna oru certificate enikku kittanilla.

Rejil Krishnan said...

haha... :) i remember the same dialog and something terrible too... :) don't ever ask me that epiDOSE!!!
NOW I DON'T FIND PUTTU !!! leave alone other 'mallu' delicacies.. :)

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


You are at least in India.

Still, I do have mallu delicacies... once in a while

The only problem is that "it'd be cooked by *me*"

- sands.

The Lonely Backpacker said...

btw I tried prawn curry for the first time at Pondicherry..

I just "relished" it :) ..