3 March 2008

Yes I am doing it.... Unleashing!

The song for the moment - Kannetha Dhoore Marutheeram....  [Thazhvaaram]

Yes, I am unleashing myself. I am starting a new phase of my life now - lot of new things - lot of new thoughts - new energy. I am getting the changes I needed badly. I am in terrific mood - excited, energetic, euphoric, enthusiastic - and what not!

My dear readers (?) might wonder - what on earth is happening with me. I just moved to a new place and lot of things happened in my life - which require me to re-think lot of stuff.

There are only three things I have with me which I am going to invest - to reap a lot of benefits. My capital investment:

my brain, will and time.

Now, what do I want? There are mainly two things which really turn me on - intelligence, and knowledge. I cannot get the first one, but I can make lot of knowledge - as much as I want. And I am going to do exactly the same. Wouldn't it be nice if I list them out?

  1. Mathematics - I need in depth knowledge - real deep knowledge - just learn lot of it. Probability - which I need; Algebra - very much; Number theory - necessary; And all the interesting stuff.

  2. Latin or Spanish: Latin could help me understand the not-so-friendly words in different texts. Spanish would be useful when I make a trip to South-America - sometime

  3. Read a lot - which I am doing quite well now itself.

  4. Violin - Restart practice, I just need someone to help me with reading the notations - then I can use Suzuki-Method of learning

  5. Scheme/LISP - in depth - for the horror of it. joking feynman

  6. Salsa - I don't know why! I just want to.

  7. Learn to play pool/billiards/table-football well. Yeah, the last one, I am an average+ player though.

  8. Painting professionally - (want to do some nude paintings too) [FEYN1]

  9. Lock picking - doesn't it sound sexy? [FEYN1]

Of course, I am not planning to do all of them simultaneously. Maximum of two/three things at any given time and the first one is there always.

So, now hereby I declare that I have unleashed the beast - to the new phase. Will keep you posted.

[FEYN1] - "Surely you are joking, Mr. Feynman" - wonderful book.

signing off, Sands.

PS: And dude, welcome back, I still believe that life is multidimensional. But I am definitely keeping it as straight and focused as possible - but not at the cost of living! [I know, you understand this - and I will take my time out like you - when that time arrives]


Hailstone said...


Last saturday, our satheesan sir (violin master) had told me to ask you to enquire the cost of a violin there. -- Just for a horror.

The Lonely Backpacker said...

Im planning a big list like this...